1. $0 – $500 Deposit per Container (5 containers at a time).
  2. We pay for PSI if needed. (Minimum cost is $500 + Expenses).
  3. We pay the ocean freight (we wire the funds directly to the shipping line).
  4. We receive the OBL with Iron Industries, LLC. as the Shipper of Record (Required for us to get paid).
  5. We submit documents to our end-market. They wire transfer our balance.
  6. Once we receive payment, we immediately pay our Supplier.
  • Every party has a stake in the transaction.
  • No Buyer will accept a Draft Bill of Lading anymore.
  • Every End-Market Buyer requires the OBL: proof the containers are on the vessel, in-transit.
  • Every Buyer requires an Insurance Certificate or equivalent.
  • Every Buyer Requires a Certificate of Origin. (We pay $150 per COO.)

These are the Buying Terms we offer. I will tell you this. In our 20+ years of exporting, no buyer has ever not paid us.

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