Export Licenses or Permits – MUST READ

Many countries require export licenses where only the holder of the license can be the exporter. Please make sure you have the export license. After you make the booking we need to do a Change of Shipper on the Bill of Lading and add Iron Industries, LLC. as the Shipper (and our end-markets as the Consignee and Notify Party) so we can get paid our final balance to pay you your final balance. At that moment we pay the ocean freight directly to the shipping line.

This means we receive Original Documents (OBL). We send 3 copies to our bank to exercise our letters of credit. Again, that is how we get paid and you get paid. If you do not agree to these terms, we understand – but we will not do business.

Import Licenses

Some countries require an import license or have multiple import processes. Please make sure you have all import permits in place.

EXAMPLE: India you need both- IEC + GSTIN

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