Doing business with Iron Industries, LLC. is easy. We work 24 hours a day, never sleep, and reply promptly. Further, we answer the phone = friendly service. All inquiries welcome.

Buyers- please present us with a formal offer:

  • What grade(s) do you require?
  • How many MT per month?
  • What is the destination port?
  • Payment Terms: Wire Transfer, LC, CAD, DP
  • Do you have your import permits/licenses in order?
  • Full company details + contact information

Suppliers- please present us with your offer:

  • What grade(s) you can supply.
  • How many MT available.
  • Frequency
  • Loading Port
  • Do you have trucking to/from the port?
  • Do you have an Export License (if needed)?
  • Is there a truck scale to get light/heavy weight scale tickets?
  • Please send 10 NEW photos of inventory for our review.

Call or WhatsApp: 1+305-780-4942

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