Certificate of Non-Radiation – MUST READ

Every export contract we receive now requires a Certificate of Non-Radiation. I know many big scrap yards have radiation detection devices, but many small yards, especially yards outside the USA do not. We are purchasing a small hand-held device to bring with us to test the scrap. I recommend you do the same. You can buy a cheap reliable radiation detection device on Amazon or at RadCommSystems.com – they make devices specifically for the scrap metal and recycling industries.

NORM – Natural Occurring Radioactive Material

NORM is found almost everywhere and in everything. Research it. Learn about it. Avoid it if you can. It is an issue for the scrap industry.


Also, many inspection firms want Us/You to take a 1 – 2 minute video showing the device testing the scrap as it is being loaded, with the operator also in the video. Yes, it’s another step in the inspection process, but there is no choice if you want to export.

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