Iron Industries, LLC. changed our business model to brokering scrap iron. We have end-markets in Asia, India, and the Middle East that require 100,000s of MT per month. Our business model works well. We are upfront on how we do business.

Please note we cannot pre-pay in-full or pay-in-full after loading. We, like our end-markets, require an Original Bill of Lading to complete the orders as per standard international business practices.

How It Works – MUST READ

  1. We send a signed a Purchase Order
  2. Make the booking.
  3. Make a $0 – $500 Deposit per Container
  4. Supplier Loads 5 – 10 Containers
  5. Return Containers to the Port
  6. Iron Industries, LLC. pays the Ocean Freight
  7. We Exercise our Letter of Credit
  8. 5 – 6 Business Days, or less, we receive funds from the issuing bank.
  9. Once We Receive Funds We Pay our Supplier.
  10. Repeat the Process. Get Rich.
  • Iron Industries, LLC., Supplier, and our End-Market all have accountability in the transaction.

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