Rarely have we ever had a claim for any of our scrap iron consignments. We will go over what is and is not acceptable to load. End-markets have become very strict on quality.

  • No Offgrade Material
  • No Oversize or Unprepared Steel
  • No Dirt, Nonferrous, or Contaminants
  • No Oils, Greases, or Sludges
  • No Radioactive Scrap (We test all material before loading)
  • No Bullets, War Scrap, UX, Gas Cans, Sealed Cylinders
  1. There are financial penalties for going over the allowed impurity limits.
  2. We risk load rejection; and then have to bring the containers somewhere for offloading, cleaning/separating, and re-loading.
  3. We risk losing our end-market. Absolutely unacceptable. Change Planets If That Happens.

Just Do Your Best.

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