We Buy Scrap Iron Worldwide

We Buy Scrap Iron Worldwide

Iron Industries, LLC. buys scrap iron all over the world. We deliver 20′ ocean containers right to your scrap yard or project-site for direct export. We handle all logistics and provide multiple payment structures such as Letters of Credit, CAD, and Pre-Payment Terms.

Consulting Services

I provide over 75 scrap iron & metal consulting services for businesses and individuals such as: Procurement, Infrastructure Development, Introductions to Buyers & Suppliers, Shipbreaking, and Bulk Shipments. Visit to learn more.

Start A Scrap Yard

Would your steel mill like a guaranteed supply of scrap iron at reasonable prices? Time to start a scrap yard and buy for your own supply-security. We can help with this project. We have workable business models; and can do a comprehensive feasibility study. Visit to learn more.

We Deliver 20′ & 40′ Ocean Containers To Your Scrap Yard Or Project-Site For Export

Iron Industries, LLC. supplies scrap iron to steel mills all over the world. If your company would like to access new scrap markets please contact us to see how we can help.

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We Buy Scrap Iron Worldwide

Iron Industries, LLC. would be pleased to be one of your buyers. The global demand for scrap iron is intense. Over the next 10 years it will only increase. We have open markets in Asia, India, and the Middle East; and we can buy over 15 different grades of scrap iron. Contact us 24/7/365 to learn more.

Bulk Shipments

We can purchase bulk shipments (30,000 MT) on a spot-basis or on a term-contract anywhere in the world. Our end-markets, logistics, and funding are in order and ready to go. Contact us to learn more.

Container Loads

Most scrap iron we purchase is by 20′ ocean container; but we also use 40’s, depending on the scrap-grade and destination. Contact us for pricing, terms, logistics, and setting up an order.

Barge Loads

We buy barge-loads of scrap iron from hard-to-move locations such as Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Philippines. Contact us for more information.

Rail & Intermodal

Our associates can receive gondolas at their Houston, Texas facility. Additionally we can buy rail-loads in Europe and offload at several transloading facilities. Contact us to learn more.


When necessary we can transload containers and offload barges from the Caribbean in South Florida. We also work with transloaders in Panama and Rotterdam. Contact us for more information.

Breakbulk Facilities

Iron Industries works with several breakbulk consolidators and transloading facilities in the U.S., South America, and Europe. A very valuable service. Contact us to learn more.

Scrap Iron For Sale

Iron Industries sells most grades of scrap iron. If you need supply, or a custom order, please contact us for pricing, terms, supply availability, photos, logistics, and loading schedules. Yard visits welcome.

Agents Wanted

If you know of any scrap iron for sale please send us the details, we’d be glad to buy it. We pay a very nice commission on every MT shipped. Contact us for more information on how it works.

How It Works

Please give us a call or email. We’ll discuss the grades of scrap you generate, tonnage available, the type of markets you require, prices, loading schedules, and logistics. If everything is in order we’ll fly out to meet you in person and discuss our business in-depth.

Purchase Orders

We ask all suppliers to sign our Purchase Orders. It details the order, prices, terms, and procedures.

Payment Terms

Payment terms will vary from order to order. We’ll do our best to meet your accounting requirements.


We arrange all ocean bookings and most local trucking, depending on the customer, city, or country.


Inspection and/or pre-inspection certification may be required depending on the destination country.


Iron Industries buys scrap iron from all types of projects.


We buy scrap vessels for anywhere in the world for green recycling. Additionally we work with cash-buyers in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Greece. 10,000 LDWT minimum.


We buy scrap iron from demolition sites. Mixed grades and lighter-loads are no problem. We’ll advise on how and what scrap to process, and loading techniques.

Railroad & OTM

We buy Scrap Rail and OTM (Other Track Material) worldwide. Spot deals and term contracts are no problem. Our logistics, funding, and end-markets are in order.

Oil Rigs & Pipelines

We buy oil rigs, pipelines, and scrap oil-field equipment worldwide. We can bring in our own crew to assist with grading, processing, loading and NORM removal if needed.

Marine Salvage

We buy scrap iron from marine salvage operations; as well as other offshore assets such as anchors, anchor chain, and re-rollable plate. Contact us to for more information.

Start A Scrap Yard

Starting a scrap yard to be guaranteed supply-security is a smart move. We advise our clients on locations, types of yards, yard design and set up, yard operations, and more…


Over the last 25 years we’ve taken 1,000s of photos of our scrap, demolition projects, and loading-sites. We have never sold or exported scrap iron that we haven’t first seen in-person to ensure quality and load-reliability.


We would be pleased provide references from our bank, buyers, suppliers, logistics firms, vendors, and contractors.  Our references are only provided to qualified firms. Contact us for more information.

They’re a pleasure to do business with. Everything is always in order on their side. A very professional scrap metal operation. One of my favorites to talk to.

 Drew P.

Metal Exchange

We literally work with them on a daily basis. They are one of the most knowledgeable companies we work with in the scrap iron & metal industry.

Marcello C.

WB International

Iron Industries is a very nice and reliable firm to work with. They are hands-on and very responsive to their customers’ needs. They get the job done.

Jeremy F.

Schnitzer Steel

Call Marc @ 1+305-780-4942

Go Steel Mill-Direct

Not only do we have open markets in Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan; we can also buy 15 different grades of scrap iron such as Steel Can Bundles, Oil Filter Bricks, Unprepared Steel, Steel Cable (over 5′ in length), Rail & OTM, P & S, and Cast Iron.

Market Updates

Current prices for HMS 1 & 2 are ranging from $247 – $260 MT CNF Main Ports Asia and India. Steel Plate prices are down $50 a MT in March 2020. Check back daily for scrap iron market updates on our website:

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